Nicolás Carreño


I am an assistant professor at Departamento de Matemática of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. I am a member of the Control of PDE and Inverse Problems group, together with Patricio Guzmán, Rodrigo Lecaros and Alberto Mercado.

My research interests are controllability problems of partial differential equations. In particular, controllability of parabolic systems with a reduced number of controls and the study of the cost of null controllability in limit cases.

In October 2014, I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. My thesis advisor was Sergio Guerrero.

Here is my CV.


Postal address:

Departamento de Matemática

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Avda. Santa María 6400

Vitacura, Santiago, Chile

Office: A-256



  • Semester 2022-1:
    Mat379-Optimización y Control (CSJ) Apunte
  • Semester 2021-2:
    Mat125-Introducción a la Matemática Avanzada (CSJ) Apunte
  • Semester 2021-1:
    Mat379-Optimización y Control (CSJ-CC)
    Mat436-Control de Ecuaciones Diferenciales Parciales
  • Semester 2020-2:
    Mat125-Introducción a la Matemática Avanzada (CSJ-CC)
  • Semester 2020-1:
    Mat379-Optimización y Control (CSJ)
  • Semester 2019-2:
    Mat125-Introducción a la Matemática Avanzada (CSJ)
  • Semester 2019-1:
    Mat023-Matemática III (CV)
  • Semester 2018-2:
    Mat022-Matemática II (CV)
  • Semester 2018-1:
    Mat022-Matemática II (CV)
    Mat379-Optimización y Control (CSJ)
  • Semester 2017-2 (Campus Vitacura):
    Mat022-Matemática II
  • Semester 2017-1 (Campus Vitacura):
    Mat022-Matemática II
  • Taller ENIM 2016: Archivos
  • Semester 2016-2 (Campus SJ):
    Mat022-Matemática II
  • Semester 2016-1 (Casa Central):
    Mat276-Optimización Numérica
  • Semester 2015-2 (Campus SJ):
    Mat021-Matemática I
  • Semester 2015-1 (Campus SJ):
    Mat021-Matemática I


  • Math-AmSud MATH190008:
    Analysis, Control and Inverse problems for Partial Differential Equations (ACIPDE). Link
  • Math-AmSud 17MATH-04:
    Inverse and control problems for physical systems (ICoPS). Link
    Control of distributed systems with applications in physical networks. Link
  • Math-AmSud 14MATH-03:
    Control Systems and Identification Problems (COSIP). Link

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