Nicolás Carreño


I am an assistant professor at Departamento de Matemática of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. Until recently, I was a postdoc under the supervision of Eduardo Cerpa.

My research interests are controllability problems of partial differential equations. In particular, controllability of parabolic systems with a reduced number of controls and the study of the cost of null controllability in limit cases.

In October 2014, I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. My thesis advisor was Sergio Guerrero.

Here is my CV.


Postal address:

Departamento de Matemática

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Avda. Santa María 6400

Vitacura, Santiago, Chile

Office: A-256



  • Semester 2018-02:
    Mat 022-Matemática II (CV)
  • Semester 2018-01:
    Mat 022-Matemática II (CV)
    Mat 379- Control y Optimización (CSJ)
  • Semester 2017-02 (Campus Vitacura):
    Mat 022-Matemática II Clases
  • Semester 2017-01 (Campus Vitacura):
    Mat 022-Matemática II
  • Taller ENIM 2016: Archivos
  • Semester 2016-02 (Campus SJ):
    Mat 022-Matemática II
  • Semester 2016-01 (Casa Central):
    Mat 276-Optimización Numérica
  • Semester 2015-02 (Campus SJ):
    Mat 021-Matemática I
  • Semester 2015-01 (Campus SJ):
    Mat 021-Matemática I


  • Math-AmSud 17MATH-04:
    Inverse and control problems for physical systems (ICoPS). Link
    Control of distributed systems with applications in physical networks. Link
  • Math-AmSud 14MATH-03:
    Control Systems and Identification Problems (COSIP). Link

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